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    When you need cash fast, Missouri payday loans can be a lifesaver. Designed for unexpected emergencies, a payday loan is a cash advance against your next pay check. Depending on your monthly income, a lender will loan you $100 to $2500 which you then pay back when you get paid from your employer plus the loan fee. The money can be used for anything you need. So unexpected car repairs, a surprise bill in the mail, and even a weekend getaway can all be financed by a short term payday loan. If this sounds like something you want to do, here are steps to take to secure a cash advance.


    The first step is the most important. You want to find a reputable lender who will treat you with respect and won’t try to scam you out of your money. You can find reputable lenders both online and in your local community. Before you fill out an application, check out the company’s profile on the Better Business Bureau website. Additionally, most states require payday loan operators to be licensed in that state in order to do business with residents. Missouri residents can search the Missouri Department of Finance website to verify the lender is licensed to do business in the state.


   Once you have found a few lenders compare the fees they charge to loan you money as well as the length of time they give you for repayment. Choose the lender that best matches your needs. To apply for the loan, you will need your identification, bank statement, paycheck stubs, and your checkbook. Some lenders may even require you to bring in a utility bill to verify your residence. You will be asked to fill out a short application that details where you live, where you work and your monthly income.


   The lender will then verify your employment as well as run your name through a database that tells them if you are currently in default on a payday loan. If everything checks out, the lender will advise you as to how much you can borrow. Once you negotiate with the lender regarding the amount you want to get, they will have you write a check to them for the loan amount plus the fee. In exchange they will give you a check or cash for your loan. Applying for a Missouri payday loan is very easy and straightforward. Just make sure you have the funds available in your bank account for when your loan comes due to avoid defaulting on your loan.